What is a Risk Taker in Sports Betting?

Sports Betting

There are various terms within sports betting that are not exclusive to this market, since they are also present in other activities, especially economic and financial. This is the case of Risk Taker, a term that we also find among investors and businessmen.

In a literal translation, a Risk Taker is a person who takes risks, someone bold enough to make trades that others would not do out of fear.

What is a Risk Taker?

Given the definition given in the introduction, it is easy to understand what a Risk Taker is in sports betting. It is that bettor who is willing to take more risks than the vast majority of bettors, making bets with higher odds and in events that are not obvious to happen.

The goal of a Risk Taker is to seek large payouts, taking calculated risks to expect a higher reward on each entry. To do this, look for bets with high odds, underdogs or multiple bets.

However, it should be remembered that these assumed risks must be calculated. The line between risk taking and recklessness can be quite thin for those who don’t understand this.

Know the characteristics of a Risk Taker

characteristics of a Risk Taker

A Risk Taker, according to the sports betting glossary, is a bettor who is willing to take risks that others might not have the courage to face. Its main guide is courage, trust and intuition, plus, of course, a lot of study and information.

A bettor with this profile needs to have emotional control so as not to let his feelings affect his decision making. The Risk Taker can also present characteristics such as the ones that we will present below.

Bets with higher margin of error

A bet with a margin of error is one that has a lower probability of occurring. As such, it is riskier, but also has higher odds than conservative bets.

These bets can also include options such as the exact result of the match, higher handicaps and even accumulator bets, where a single mistake can put everything at risk. However, because they are less likely, they are a delicacy for Risk Takers.

Underdog Betting

Underdog Betting

Underdog bets are nothing more than betting on the least favorite in a sports dispute. Is there a big favourite? Then the Risk Taker will be on the other side of the dispute, waiting for an upset to win over the others.

Again, this is a bet that carries higher odds than the traditional one, since the favorite is much less likely to assert its condition and win the match in question.

Take risk

This is the main factor that defines a Risk Taker in sports betting: taking risks. These risks can lead to greater victories, with bigger and more attractive prizes for this bettor profile.

However, it is necessary to be careful: a Risk Taker can have significant losses if he makes impulsive or poorly evaluated bets, for this reason he always needs to remain calm to make the best possible decisions in each situation that arises.


The Risk Taker is a gambler who, by nature, is more willing to take risks than others. And this has a good side and a bad side in his career as a bettor.

On the bright side, you can, by using calculated risks, outperform other gamblers in the long run. To do this, he will take more risks, but will take advantage of the higher odds. On the other hand, he can bring bigger losses if this player doesn’t know what he is doing. The study, in this case, becomes even more important than for conservative bettors.

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